Sunday, November 17, 2013

Milnamania Week Review

I am so sorry for the lack of blogpost lately, I wont be explaining why I was gone for a while because I already did that on my last blogpost. 

Now, I will be posting a week review every other week and for this week let's talk about foundations. I'm sorry in advance if you can't get some of the product that I'll be mentioning but I'll try my best to find some online stores that sell the mentioned product. 

As I mentioned I'll be doing this review every other week from monday to friday, but every sunday I will be posting some teaser for the upcoming week. I already have planned the next 4 weeks for this so don't worry I won't be leaving you guys hanging again. 

Here are some teaser for the next 4 weeks that I'll be doing this review.

That's all.
'till next time :)