Saturday, October 6, 2012

Liebster Award Nomination

I don't know if I can do this but I will be answering 2 liebster award nomination, I got nominated/tagged by Ms. Barbie of Infinite Elegance Ms. Katey of Behind the Bumblebee Glasses

So I will be answering 2 of them I thought I will be doing both of them on a single post.

From Ms. Barbie of Infinite Elegance her questions were:

1. How did you get interested in Make up?
- I got interested in makeup since I was in High School but I didn't know the foundation and the other stuff, I only know how to put concealer, powder, eyeliner mascara and lippies. Thats all I know. But last year when I was on youtube I saw Pixiwoo Sisters and from there I got interested and started collecting make up.

2. What are some of the staple products in your purse?
- Revlon Lip butter in Lollipop and berry smoothie I did a blog post about that.
- Lioele Powder
-Revlon photoready concealer

3. What are your most expensive makeup/skin care/fashion purchase so far?
- for makeup I have Chanel and MAC cosmetics
-for skincare Chanel
-fo fashion probably my LV purses and wallets

4. Who/what inspired you to create your own beauty blog?
- Well this is quite hard cause I don't have any inspiration, I've been meaning to create a blog for months now but I didn't have the courage to do it until one day It was like "I want to have my own beauty blog" and that was it.

5. What do you think sets you apart from other beauty bloggers?
-Well I think every beauty blogger has their own personality or strategies, I am not a professional blogger or professional makeup artist so I think I am not anything important, there are a lot of great beauty blogger out there.

6. Who are your favorite makeup gurus/ blogger? why?
- Pixiwoo Sisters are my favorite

7. Do you have any beauty no-nos? if so, what are they?
- I don't think I have a beauty no-nos

8.What are your other interest apart from makeup?
- probably gadgets and bags!!!

9. Do you believe that sometimes less is more?
-Yup! especially in makeup sometime you dont have to put full on make up if you are just hanging around your house.

10. Describe yourself in 1 word
- Persevere :)

From Ms. Katey of Behind the Bumblebee Glasses

Here are some Rules:
1. Post 11 things about yourself
2. You must answer 11 questions the tagger has set for you
3. Create 11 more questions to ask bloggers you tagged
4. Choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers
5. Inform the lucky bloggers.
6. No tag backs, okay? :)

11 Things about Milna

1. Addicted to makeup, bags and perfume
2. I love my iphone, ipad and macbook air
3. I am a Graduate Nurse from Dominican College
4. I don't want to be a nurse (confused? yeah me too)
5. Dedicated blogger
6. OCD in some sort
7. I love GOD 
8. Dedicated mom, partner and daughter
9. I love my mom, she is my inspiration in everything I do
10. I love my fiance he's my bestfriend my lover and my partner
11. and last but definitely not least, Im a mom of a lovely little boy!

11 question I need to answer from Ms. Katey

1. Sun or Rain?
-Definitely sun, I hate floods

2. Lip balm or Lipstick?
-Lip balms

3.  Bags or shoes?
- You already know it, BAGS!!

4. Red or Pink
-You know it too, PINK!!

5. Coffee or tea?
-neither, I don't drink coffee nor tea

6. Books or movies?
- Can I choose both?

7. Day or Night?
-Night!! I'm a vampire :)

8. Boy next door or hunk?
-Boy next door

9. Shorts or skirts?
- shorts for going out, skirts for going to church :)

10. Blog or Youtube?

11. Suspense/Thriller movie or Rom-Com/Chick flick movie?
-Definitely chick flicks :)

Here are my question for my blogger friends :D

1. Do you wear makeup everyday?
2. Most favorite makeup product (only 1)
3. iphone or BB(blackberry)?
4. Favorite body products?
5. Favorite perfume/cologne?
6. Where do you usually hangout?
7. Boyfriend/Girlfriend vs. Bestfriends?
8. What/Who are you for the next 5 years?
9. MAC or Nars?
10. Moisturizer or toner?
11. eyeliner or mascara?

11 bloggers I'm tagging

Have a lovely day ladies!

till next time,


  1. Hi Milna! My answers:

    1. Do you wear makeup everyday? -Yes, kind of have to because my day usually starts with meeting with bridal clients, then off to pre-production meetings, then press events in the evening :)

    2. Most favorite makeup product (only 1) -MAC Studio Fix NC35

    3. iphone or BB(blackberry)? -iPhone

    4. Favorite body products? -Olive Oil Body Butter from The Body Shop

    5. Favorite perfume/cologne? -BVLGARI Omnia Amethyste

    6. Where do you usually hangout? -At home

    7. Boyfriend/Girlfriend vs. Bestfriends? -My husband is my bestfriend, so both? LOL

    8. What/Who are you for the next 5 years? -Still the same, beauty editor and makeup artist ;P

    9. MAC or Nars? -MAC

    10. Moisturizer or toner? -BOTH! They're both very important to skin reconstruction

    11. eyeliner or mascara? -Both :)

    Thanks Milna! That was fun! Til next time :)

  2. 1. Do you wear makeup everyday?- occasionally, my skin is so sensitive
    2. Most favorite makeup product (only 1)- Coastal Scents, 88 color eye shadow palette
    3. iphone or BB(blackberry)?- iphone
    4. Favorite body products?- white musk voluptuous velvet body creme' from Body Shop
    5. Favorite perfume/cologne?- burberry
    6. Where do you usually hangout?- home
    7. Boyfriend/Girlfriend vs. Bestfriends?- Boyfriend
    8. What/Who are you for the next 5 years?- married, with 2 children & still doing the same job
    9. MAC or Nars?- MAC
    10. Moisturizer or toner?- since it's very dry and cold here i picked moisturizer, its a must for me.
    11. eyeliner or mascara?- eyeliner

    Guess what, I did this as soon as I got out of bed. I love answering these type of questions. Thanks!

  3. Lovely blog! I adore it!
    I just started following you on GFC! It would mean the world to me if you return the love back to me!
    Have a great week and continue the great work!

  4. Thanks for the nomination. I finally came around and wrote the post. You can check it out here xoxo

  5. Hi :) Thanks for tagging. And here are my answers.

    See yah! :)

  6. Hi! Thank you for nominating me! :)
    Please check my post here.

    Shiela Mhay

  7. It was so fun reading all of your answers :) These things make me really want to put up a blog too, but I just can't find time to do so. Studying + working is really hard to manage. However, I'll try my best to make one :)