Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OH SO EMERALD! ~A Makeup Look Contest

Hello Beautiful and Gorgeous Ladies (and Gentlemen)!

As you may all know if you read my a bit of update blogpost last month, I am planning to have a contest with my very good friend Jannie.

Today is the day that we are actually doing this contest. We've planned this the whole time. Hope you'll like it and hoping that you all will participate.

We all know that "EMERALD" is so "IN" this year. It's Emerald coloured year. Since Me and Jannie were both born in May, Emerald is our Birthstone. So, in line with this trend, Jannie of Jannieology an Me had decided to host a Contest-Giveaway!

Three (3) Lucky Philippines based winners will have a chance to receive this amazing prizes:


Now, you probably wondering how you can join the contest? It's simple, just follow the instructions below:

1. Follow both Jannieology & Milnamania via GFC publicly.
2. Follow @TheJannieP & @mhielnah on Twitter.
3. Like Jannielogy, Milnamania and Beauty Bloggers United Facebook Fan Page.
4. Like our sponsors' Facebook Fan Pages:
Unicorn Delight
Everything Pink
Shy Shop
Flawless Beauty Online
5. Lastly you will submit a photo of your "Emerald Inspired" wearable makeup look to my email address: milnamania (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject title OH SO EMERALD CONTEST ENTRY. You will have till January 29, 2013 to send in your entry.

So how do we pick the lucky winner? Well, we have invited three (3) Beauty Blogger Judges to help pick our lucky winners. These guest judges are non other than Bing Castro of The Project Awesome, Joyce Sola of Candy Love Art, and Chriselle Sy of ChriselleSy. They will be judging based on the following criteria:
-Wearability 20%
-Creativity 20%
-Delivery Technique (blending, color combination, eyeliner, applications) 20%
-Overall Impact (makeup, hairstyle, clothing, accessories, etc) 30%

That's only total of 90%, where did the 10% go? Let me explain it to you, this is where the audience impact comes in. All submitted entries will be posted on the official Beauty Bloggers United page and we will be opening an album with all the entries for your supporters to "Like". There will be one (1) week period where you can collect "Likes" on your photo and this will count as 10% of your total score. We won't be relying ONLY on that, it doen't mean if you got the highest point in "Likes" category you will be the winner, that is only 10% of the total criteria. Just keep that in mind. We won't be tolerating any complains like "I had the highest amount of likes in Facebook why didn't I win?" and stuff like that.

Here's some inspiration from our beloved 3 judges:

Now let's all start the fun!
Go ahead and send me your photos lovelies!

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talk to you soon,
Stay Safe & Godbless,


  1. great prizes <3 :D BTW, I love your new layout :)

  2. awesome prizes,
    i will try to join
    so that i'll be able to
    practice putting on
    eyeshadow as well.



  3. That's a lot of prizes! Will definitely be joining, will try my luck again. HAHAH Oh and I so love your new layout Ms. Milna ♥

  4. I love your blog layout, dear! :)

  5. another lovely contest you have. this is soo nice and inspiring sis.
    i hope to join the contest as well..

    btw, your new layout rocks!!!

  6. have joined already~:) Fingers crossed!:)

  7. excited ti join this contest!! :)

  8. GFC Name : GingerLady
    Name : Lea Ariann Cedeno
    Email :

    I'm so excited!!! yey!

  9. im excited to see the looks on the contest and who the winners would be..
    i hope there would be another one so i could join :)

    more power!!

  10. hi sis! i am so sad i wasnt able to join this giveaway slash contest i hope i can join nexttime and by the way i will be having my very giveaway on my blog soon.

    hope you can join!