Thursday, September 27, 2012

Make-up starter kit | available locally

Oh well, first of all I've been thinking for a new blog ideas when I came across with this blog called Post Ideas For Beauty Blogs if your a beauty blogger please do visit that blog it has such wonderful ideas for us who just started doing beauty blog.

Anyway now I wanted to a Make-up starter kit that you can buy locally here in Philippines I bought mine mostly at SM departments stores. Not everything is affordable but atleast you can find them locally.

For starters I don't wear foundation everyday except for special occasions incase you haven't noticed in my last few post I didn't put any foundation there. Simply because Philippines has a very very humid weather, so wearing liquid foundation is not such a good idea.

As I said you can find this products mostly at SM department store. If you are teens and your really thinking that what can you buy here in philippines that wont make you look like you have a lot of make-up, then you've come to the right place.

Let's start

For concealers as you all know I love my MAC studio finish concealer but I haven't included this concealer on my august favorite because it was on my purse and I totally forgot where I put it then yesterday as I was cleaning my purse I saw it.

1. Covergirl & Olay Simply ageless concealer - when I don't need thick concealer during the days that my skin is acting nice I just use this, this has a good coverage but not that good comparing to my studio finish. It is very creamy and very easy to blend.

For powder you also know that I love my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural

2. Revlon ColorStay powder - this one is good too, there is also another powder that I really like its the Lioele Compact.

3. Revlon ColorStay Mineral blush (030 Roseberry) - This blush great for everyday, the shade is like mauve pink, though the color payoff is not that great you can build the color as you want.

4. Max factor mascara False lash effect  - is my number pick, this has been my favorite mascara, it make my lashes thick and long and curly.

5. eye shadow - you can pick the eye shadow anywhere and any brand will do, but just a little advice if you are just starting to collect and put make-up, start with nude and browns and something neutral. You don't want to go crazy and pick up bright pink or green. One example is Revlon Customeyes palette.

6. eyeliner - I don't put eyeliner everyday but one good eyeliner is the maybelline studio eyeliner in black.

7. Revlon lip butters - if you want something natural for everyday go for berry smoothie and if you something bright pink for parties and stuff like that go for lollipop.

add ons:

- maybelline baby lips in berry is wonderful
- revlon brightening lid primer
- if you really want to buy foundation try the revlon colorstay airbrush one.

I am so sorry I can't post any prices because I am using this products for months and months, and now I totally forgot their prices.

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  1. wow,Great and very useful information about some cool product's, i hope it will be not so expensive, just confuse about rate, so please on your next post i hope you put price on it.Thank's a lot.

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  5. very nice alternatives! :)

  6. Very nice! Unfortunately, I don't get to use a lot of those brands you mentioned because I break out easily or get allergies. =( I do like using mineral make up, though. =) I actually want to try the Revlon lip butters since I've heard so much about it, maybe I'll buy one when I'm confident enough to face another trial and error moment.

    1. Owww! how sad. Yeah try the lip butters in berry smoothie.

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