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I am Milna Tulao, 24 year old mom and soon-to-be bride. 
I am Pinay. Currently residing inside the beautiful country of Philippines. I studied Nursing, I graduated but I didn't want to take the Licensure Exam. Makeup is my guilty pleasure, whenever I'm stress or depress I always go for make-up shopping, but after JM was born I stopped buying beauty products, It's a lot fun to buy baby clothes and stuff. But  I came back to buying make-ups again, I just can't resist. Anyways, I used to live in Kuwait with my Mom and my Step-dad, I Finished my High School there and came back to Philippines for College. I can speak a little Arabic but not much.

So in this Blog you will see Make-up products reviews, swatches and maybe a little bit of makeup tutorial. FOTD, EOTD and LOTD. I will also do some book reviews but unfortunately you will also see some of my personal life, like about my son and about my fiance. They are the most important person in my life.

I think I already covered the important things that you guys might wanna see. This is Me and this is what I do.

Ask me a question and as much as possible I will answer them for you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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