Monday, January 14, 2013

what's on my iPhone5 + Cases + Reviews

Before iPhone5 released here in Philippines, I know that I wanna buy it. I've been contacting Globe when iPhone5 will arrive in Philippines and they just kept me hanging and telling me that it will come soon. So the day Globe finally emailed me that the released of iPhone5 will be on Dec.14, 2012 I was excited and I knew I wanna get it right away.

But the thing is, the BBU meet-up/mini Christmas party will on the same day, Dec. 14. So I need to make a huge decision where will I go, I wanna buy the iPhone5 but I wanna go see my Co-bloggers too. Then I was like "What the heck? I can get the iPhone5 whenever I want and it will be available everywhere, but the BBU meet-up will only be that day." So I decided to go and meet my friends and I didn't have any regrets about it. If you wanna know more about it please do read here.

Anyways, on to the actual topic here, I got my iPhone5 few days later. And I fell in love with the instant I saw it. I'm a HUGE Apple (MAC) fan. I started using iPhone when the iPhone 3Gs was release and since that everytime Apple release new iPhone I knew I had to get my hand on that.

I got mind at Apple store in Viramall Greenhills.
It's an iPhone5 32GB white
It comes in a box with the new head phones and new type of charger.

I am not gonna do an in-depth specification of the phone here. 

*a little disclaimer: I bought this phone with my own money, no company or shop sent me this. I am not doing this to brag or anything. Just wanna share my experience*

I only had this phone for less than a month and I already accumulated quite a lot of cases. I am selling some of iPhone5 and iPhone4/4s cases on my shop. When my stocks arrived I immediately took what I like :) clever? yeah I know :D.

right now, I am loving this pink owl case :)

So unto the review:

What I like about it:
-it is thinner and waaaayyy more lighter than the 4s.
-the maps are ah-ma-zing!!!
- the camera is better than the previous.

What I hate about it:
-Email Notification is a huge FAILURE, I don't get any notifications when some emailed me.
-it is longer and i have a tiny little hands so the apps in the upper part is the one I don't use more often simply because I can't reach it.
-I often get "No sim card" notification.

I think I like this better than the iPhone4s but if the iPhone4s is thinner and lighter like this I wont be upgrading to iPhone5.

Now, let's go What is on my iPhone

I love my lock screen wallpaper( left), see how cute my son :) love it!
and ofcourse any beauty bloggers should have their own photo as their wall paper :) I have mine as homescreen (right).
The top 4 apps are the one I need everyday as well as the bottom 4.

Here's the fun part let's do the left side first.
from top left to right going down.
-Maps, Clock, Calculator and Tiny Tower.
-Fashion Finds, Tango, Viber, Camera.
-Photography folder(for my instagram), Social network folder(linkedin, tumblr and stuff), Blogs folder has(Milnamania, Jannieology, eyahnism, analysisofmylife), Facebook pages.
-Safari, app store, reminders, N+otes(love this)
-twitter, instagram, facebook, messenger

Let's go to the right side.
-games(the only game I play here is the temple run), utilities(the apps that I don't use), Videos and newstand.
-iBooks, Globe services, Gservices, Youtube,
-Foursquare, Click the city, Ayala Malls 360, weather,
-Blogger, notes, P.D(Period Diary), Flashlight
-Genius scan, Office plus, looloo(i don't use this), Vichat(for video chat on FB).

So that's it.
If you have any question leave them below, would love to answer them.

What are your favorite apps? Comment below!

Stay Safe & God Bless!
till next time,


  1. There was one point in time that I got addicted to tiny tower too haha! Right now, I find the blogger app very useful as it helps me blog on the go. Then I use Phonto so I can put watermarks on my pictures without having to open my computer to edit via adobe photoshop. Then photobucket too so I can download pictures from there for my blog. those apps make blogging easier for me :)

  2. How I wish I can get a hand on fancy phones too :| I'm a little outdated here, since I've just using a no-cam phone which should be pulled out na :D I'm not that crazy over expensive phones but hey I wanna try instagram! You're so lucky MS. Milna coz you can get what you want :) Btw, this Iphone5 is indeed cool, especially the map and cam panorama! (saw the commercial on tv) ♥ Too sad the email is an epic fail :(

    1. set your goals, aim what you want :D good luck and God bless!

  3. My fave iPhone apps, hmmm... let's see:
    fb, twitter, goodreads, blogger, befunky, album manager, free mp3, pic stitch, foursquare, freevideo, timercam, ky-calc, scribe, flashlight, and FMC.

  4. Such iPhone 4S covers are not that common. Do you make them yourself? Can you provide iPhone 5 cases in bulk if I give you an order?

  5. thank you for sharing sis!!! :)

    great apps you have for the iphone .
    im really not into smartphones but i enjoyed reading your post.