This blog accept product reviews, blog giveaway collaboration, advertisements, affiliation and links exertion. Please do keep in mind that even though I accept sponsorship my thoughts and opinions will be honest. No company or shop can tell me what to write on my blog.You can email me for any collaborations or business proposal at milnamania@gmail.com

Here are the choices to choose for if ever you wanna work with Milnamania

Product Reviews
I accept product review with or without giveaway collaboration, but one with giveaway will be very appreciated. I also accept month-to-month product review sponsorship in which you can send me products every month for me to do a review. I will feature your product and your shop together with photos and links of your shop in the form of blogpost. 

Through sponsorship, you will be given a 200x200 allotted space on my sidebar for banner, until you stop sending me your products.

Giveaway Collaboration
This blog accepts Giveaway Sponsorship with or without product review collaboration. This blog loves to host a giveaway. You can also request to include in my required mechanics to like/subscribe your facebook page/websites. You can send me the actual product or some gift certificate that includes specific amount or service.
You will have your own 200x200 ad space on my sidebar until the giveaway is over.

This blog accepts product/shop advertisement either paid or free. You can avail the free ads space on my sidebar if you sponsor this blog by giveaway or product review. You will be given a 200x200 ad space on my sidebar. But I only accept advertisements related to beauty, health and fashion.
For those who wants to avail the paid advertisement please do email me.

Thank you so much!

I am looking forward to work with you either for short term or for a long run.
If you have any business proposal please don't hesitate to contact me.

Email: milnamania@gmail.com
Mobile number: 0926-660-2712
Twitter: www.twitter.com/milnamania
Instagram: www.instagram.com/milnamania
Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/page.pinkmommy
Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/mhielnah

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