Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[SPONSORED] Review: Travalo

We ladies have to be fresh all the time, we always bring make-ups with us for touch-ups and we also bring perfumes with us so that we always smell good, fresh and clean, don't we?
 We always want to smell good and look good.

In my experience, I always bring humongous bottles of perfumes just to freshen up when I know that my scent has worn off, but the thing is huge bottles+make-up+unnecessary things = HEAVY BAGS.

Now my problem was solved by the infamous Travalo. Travalo was such brilliant to make something very small and yet very useful.

Love the protected case of it.

Now, let's try it. I am choosing my Chanel Chance.

You just have to push the bottom party of the Travalo to the nozzle of the perfume you chose. And that's it. Watch out the indicator.

And I had my Chanel Chance in my small but terrible Travalo :)

You can win one of this every week by liking their Facebook Page
edited: You can buy this amazing Travalo on their website

Just a little question ladies, Which shops here in Philippines do you think best for Travalo? Comment below and let me know :)

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  1. oooh my~ I love the concept of Travalo~~~~ thanks for sharing :DD

  2. These look amazing, might get one for xmas!:)'

  3. Love the travalo! I first saw it on Holly Annaeree's YT video and I got hooked and had to go buy two! lol!

    Great review!

    xo - Sheila

  4. Where can we buy this one sis?
    This is just awesome product.

    Thanks for sharing!!!!



    1. Hello sis you can buy this at their official website you can also win this on their facebook page. Their giving away one of this every week, try your luck :)

      Watch out for my giveaway, I might giving away one of this :)

  5. this is just so cool! i'll try to get one, great post! :)
    thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Lots of Love from Ruth
    i'm following you :)

  6. I'm going to contact Travalo soon. I really want one badly!

  7. This product is a must-have! I have my large VS perfume and it's such a burden to bring it plus some makeup and school supplies :/ Good thing they come with this concept! I think its suited to be sold at Watsons. Aside from being accessible, they also sell a lot of cosmetics where kikays would definitely grab 'n go. This would be salable, im sure, if it would be out in the stores already :) God bless MS. Milna! ♥

  8. I love this product also... i hope i can purchase this here in cebu.
    Perfect for on the go travel! Thanks again sis!

    1. Hopefully Travalo will be available in Philippines

  9. I want this one kaso cheapipay lang naman mga pabango ko parang mas mhal pa yung lalagyan kesa sa mismong perfume.. hehehe but then this is a good innovation.. meron na atang ganito sa watson's but different brand. :)