Sunday, January 13, 2013

AskMilna Monday

Hello, Hello!

Today is Monday and I haven't accumulated enough much questions for the last 2 weeks so I didn't posted AskMilna last week. But one follower/blogger friend of mine Gracina/Grace/Grazie asked me:

Sis, I will do a separate blog post about some of my NYX cosmetics, I don't have a lot but I'll see what I can do :). For the mean time here's a little something for you :D

 For this sis, I think Revlon Color stay line is fabulous I am using their blemish concealer and the whipped foundation. But Jannieology told me the NYX HD foundation is also great for oily skin, I already did a favorite drugstore and high-end foundation. I have normal-combination skin so not all foundation that I use will be suitable for you but I have a few that is suitable for oily skin.
I think sigma brushes are unbeatable but if you want some affordable that is available locally you can use Marionaud brushes *not sure about the spelling :D* Beauty Cosmetics brushes are great too.

Hope you found this helpful sis.

If you have questions on your mind that you wanna ask, feel free to ask me and I will try my very best to answer them for you :)

Till next time lovelies!

talk to you soos,


  1. WOW! thanks sis!
    i am so glad that you took time to post answers to all my questions. The NYX swatches looks great!
    I love all three colors!! :)

    I might wanna try th brushes from marionaud. i already have other brushes from elf. also great ones esp the black colored ones!
    thanks sis! more power!


    1. Your welcome sis :) if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask me :)

  2. I really love NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream! Lovely shades you got there! Btw, I have a question, what lip primer can you recommend? I hate how my lipstick washes off completely after meals or just an hour or so. I don't have any high-end lippies that can stay in place for hours, so I need a lip primer for it. Thanks in advance Ms. Milna! ♥

    1. Haven't tried any lip primers actually. But because you asked I will try to find good lip primers :D

  3. Hi sis!
    I cant see your ask milna feature in the above link.
    Anyways, i will just be posting it here.

    ASK- What is your favorite eyeshadow palette or do you own one at the moment?
    Like for those really nice colors like the emerald green.



  4. Really want to get the NYX SMLC in the same shade!! I hope you can do an individual review about it. Still not sure kasi kung bagay sakin yung shade.