Thursday, July 19, 2012

favorite ipad apps

my favorite iPad apps.

this probably one of my most favorite gadget, beside from my iPhone and my Macbook. So I think why not do a iPad favorite apps?

I always bring my iPad with anywhere I go. This is my companion when I'm bored or I'm reading something. So now I wanna share my favorite iPad apps.

On to my favorite apps:

1. iBooks - Probably the most used app in my iPad. I love this app I can read without bringing such heavy books. and its very portable.

2. Youtube - of course who doesn't love youtube? It's pretty self explanatory.

3.  my blog - of course my blog is one of my favorite app.. it's not an app but I always go to that.

4. Where's my Water? - Is one of addiction, I don't usually do games in my iPad but this game I really can't resist, It has free version at paid version. To the extent of my addiction I bought it and I already finished it :( waiting for more updates.

That's it for my most used iPad apps.
Any recommendations?

How about you? what's your favorite iPad, iPhone or iPad touch apps? Comment below so that I can try it too. Thanks


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  1. i so wanna try the ipad ... i wanna use the reading app that it has with it. without having to carry lots of heavy hardbound books.. but i guess i couldn't afford it for now. might as well save up for it though. nice post sis. i enjoyed reading this!