Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Techie | what's on my iphone + iphone cases collection

Well for my first blog, I think I want to do a What's on my Iphone and my iphone cases because I have a lot of cases, and I'm gonna do a little review on my cases. I bought all of this cases, with my own money.

I have a Iphone 4s in black this is by far the most amazing smartphone that I have, And believe it or not I have a lot of smartphones right now, but this is the most gorgeous and the my most favorite one.

So let's start the What's on my Iphone.

This is my Lock screen, that's me and my son obviously, that picture was taken during his christening last April, and i really really love that picture.

So when you open my iphone this is what you will see, i have four apps at the top(contacts, setting, photos and calendar) that is my most used apps, and at the bottom I have 1 folder (instagram, youtube, twitter, skype, mail, facebook, my bolg, and blogger apps) and the 3 other apps are (messages, phone and awesome note).

On second page it conatins Viber (free call and text), Baby 2.0 (ofcourse i have a son), clock, calculator, Camera, timercam, wunderlist, Messenger(for facebook), Appstore, Safari, Videos, and Music

This is the last page on my iphone, the first folder contains Games I have Sunday lawn, Piperoll, Coffee Cafe, Temple Run, Where's my Water?, and Tiny Tower. The second folder has Utilities reminder, itunes, Game center, Stocks, Compass, and voice memos. The third folder which is my favorite folder has Photography, Lovebooth, Framestatic, Picstitch, diptic, A+ Signature, MagicLS and Muzy. Then I have weather, Maps, Ibooks, Newsstand, instaDm, Notes, Find my Iphone, Trafficdito and the folder called Others which has random apps like emoji, sulit.com.ph, globe services and ClicktheCity.

Now on to my Iphone Cases. I constantly changing my iphone case, probably everyday depending on my mood. that's why i have a lot, this is not all of my cases, I can't find them all, some i gave to my mom.

 this is what I'm currently using, i love the style of it, i got this at Greenhills Shopping Center.
 This is cute too, but what i don't like this case is it's really hard to remove, and hard to press the volume and the power. I also got this at Greenhills
 this on i got at Cellairis the Elle and Blair collection

This is my Leather case if I want my phone to be rally protected I will be using this. It's form Greenhills as well.
 This is Kate spade one, I love this case because it's Pink and Green. And Pink is my favorite color if you can't tell and Green is Hubbhie's favorite color. I don't where this is from because hubbhie gave it to me.
 this is also from Cellairis. I love this case.

 I really really love this case, i has flowers on it, and whenever i use this i got a lot of compliment. This one is from Greenhills too.

 and lastly, the infamous Melt case, I got this at Greenhills too, I really like this case, it's very protective but stylish, one thing i'm not fun of this case is, it's very shiny and it tends to slide down your hand, that's why i don't usually use this.

So this is my What's on my Iphone and My Iphone cases collection. 

How about you? what's on your iphone, ipad or ipod touch? leave a comment below.


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