Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Day Challenge | Day 26 & 27

OMG!!! I'm so sorry for being MIA. I was really really busy for my big announcement and surprise for you girls :) I cannot tell you yet but the moment I can, I will. I promise!

Anyway today I will continue where I left. I have a lot of back logs and I am so so sorry.

Day 26
What's something your really excited for?

Well, the first thing I am really excited for is the secret that I cannot tell you guys :(. The next thing is the blog hop that I am doing with my friend Dainty MD. And the last thing is my BIG BIG surprise for you girls for Christmas. Watch out for that.

In terms of personal life. Well I am excited that I will be going to kuwait and I will have some quality time with my mom, AGAIN. But the thing is I will be fixing my son's papers for him to come with me to Kuwait next year.

Day 27
What do you feel guilty for doing?

Well, I won't lie to you girls. SMOKING. Yup you read it right. I cannot control myself and I cannot stop smoking. That's why thanks to ninang Joan and she introduce me to Ecig.


  1. Really? You smoke! I never smoke and drink. :) Godbless on your trip to Kuwait I hope your son will go there too!