Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Post | Clarisse Litiatco

Hello lovelies, Its friday again. Today I don't have any featured blogger but I have a Guest Blogger. Clai Litiatco from Quiet Blog. She is very very talented in terms of nail art tutorial. I love the tutorial she's doing on her blog. When we spoke she said she wants to do some nail art tutorial.

A little information about Ms. Clai

About the Blogger:
My name is Clarisse Litiatco, often called as Clai. I am a 17-year old painting student from University of Santo Tomas. I started blogging since 2009, but for some reasons, I deactivated my blogs and focused on my studies and work. Yes, I was a working student last 2010 and 2011.

Obviously, I love art! Since I was a kid, I really loved drawing and painting. And since I am the "bunso" in the family, I grew up using kikay toys like toy make ups which you can really apply to your face. I sometimes go over my sister kikay kit and use all her make up there! But as of now, I am not really into make up and beauty. I am more on my artistic side. I do nail art and random paintings.

First I want to talk about my nail art passion. I started to love nail polish when I was in grade 6. I don't know why, but whenever I get bored, I always paint my nails. Then I discovered my talent in nail art during high school days. I have this attitude of growing my nails during summer breaks for no reason and then again, I got bored and painted my nail, but this time, with a bit of design and up until now, I am doing and proud to say, improving. To be honest, I don't really have these fancy nail art tools like the nail art brushes and the dotting tools nor I use expensive nail polishes. The most expensive I have is the Etude House nail polish which costs P98.00

Second is being a painter, I never thought of being in the painting industry when I was young. It was all accidental. I ran out of slot in my chosen course and the only thing left is the painting course. Because I really want to be at UST, I took the guts and tried painting course. Fortunately, I liked it and I had fun. I am currently a member of Philippine Art Organization and I am proud to say that some of my works are being part of public exhibitions around Manila.

About the Blog:
My blog is all about beauty and art. I sometimes do product reviews but most of the time, nail art posts. I also share my artworks on my blog like paintings and photoshoots we did at school and currently doing. I do nail art tutorials and planning to host my very first giveaway soon.

Reasons to Blog:

I blog because I want to share my talent and passion to everyone. I want to help and give information. I want to share my thought and experiences. Please tell me more on what I need to give you, thanks!

Thank you so much Ms. Clai

Now onto the nail art tutorial! Enjoy lovelies :)

Hello ladies! I am Clai from Quiet Blog! ( and like what my followers know, I won at a nail art contest of Caronia Philippines on Facebook. The theme is supposed to be a chocolate inspired nail art. Surprisingly, 2 of my nail art design was chosen!

You might think that my tutorial is very complicated, but to tell you the truth, it's just a piece of cupCAKE! =)

After posting the one of the designs I made (Chocolate Cupcake / Ice Cream), I've had so many request in and outside my blog to make a step-by-step tutorial. As promised here it is! Unfortunately, I can only give you guys a graphic step-by-step tutorial because I just cut my nails to it's shortest because I am having a hard time doing school stuffs! But I personally think the graphic tutorial is a lot better to understand. :)

The materials:
- Striping Brush (you can use striping tape if you want)
- Dotting Tool or toothpick
- Base Coat
- Light & Dark Brown Polish
- Pastel Colored Polish of your choice
- White Polish
- Red Polish
- Green Polish (optional)

1st part: THE CONE:
Step 1: First of all put your favorite base coat! I used Caronia base coat & nail hardener here! Paint HALF of your nails light brown (in my case I used dark brown 'coz I do not have light.)
Step 2: Make the lines! Using a striping brush and your dark polish (I used black) carefully draw diagonal lines going from left to right. If you have a striping tape, you can use for more precise lines.
Step 3: Just repeat step 2, but on opposite direction.

2nd part: ICING / ICE CREAM
Step 1: Using your dotting tool and your pastel colored polish, create random dots on top of your cone. (The naked nail part)
Step 2&3: Continue doing so until you reach / achieve your desired shape. I added bits of icing below them for a dropping effect!

3rd part: THE CREAM:
Step 1, 2 & 3: Same as with doing the 2nd part of the tutorial, but this time, use your white polish and do dots on top of your icing / ice dream.

4th part: THE CHERRY (and some spices!)
Step 1: Using your dotting tool and your red polish, simply put a red dot on top of the CREAM.
* I added brown dots on the icing for that chocolate topping effect!

Steps 2-4 are optional.
If you want more details on your cherry, simply get your green, white and brown polish ready.
BROWN POLISH: For the stem, use a striping brush!
WHITE POLISH: For that glossy cherry effect! Use your striping brush or small dotting tool here!
GREEN POLISH: For that leaf, use dotting tool to create those.

I hope that my tutorial helped you. If you wish to re-create my tutorial, please send me the link! Simply comment them here ( I'd be glad to see my tutorial on others nails! :)

I do post nail art designs, as well as artworks done by me (of course!) and some product reviews.

I also want to thank Ms. Milna Tulao for giving me the opportunity to have a guest post on her blog. More powers! :)


  1. Thank you so much! :) Hope they like this one!


    1. Thank you for posting on this blog sis :)

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  3. It's so cute~! I wanna try it but I suck at nail art. :D

  4. How cute!!! Clarisse did a great job :D And the photo tutorial makes everything look so easy!:) Will try this out :)

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