Thursday, November 8, 2012

Looking Forward :)

Coming months would be a blast!
I am really excited!

First stop: Ofcourse as you may know me and Dainty are having a collaboration Blog Hop, Please do join us on our blog hop. We will be doing Filipina Blogger blog hop every month to meet and have friends from this blogosphere.


Second: I will be having a collaboration giveaway with my blogger friends, watch out for that. Who wouldn't want giveaways? We all love giveaways!!!

I will be going out of the Country this November, well I already blogged about me going back to Kuwait, and I am really really excited to be with my mom, AGAIN!

And last but definitely not the least I will be having my own giveaway before or after Christmas. I just couldn't decide what contest what will I do, but I am sure it will be a contest not just a giveaway.

Watch out lovelies. Coming months would be amazing.

Question: Any suggestion what kind of contest should I do? Please do comment your ideas!

till next time,


  1. Definitely joining in all of these!
    I'm excited for it too~
    oh I'm a new follower~
    Hope you can follow back too :)

  2. I want that blog hop! :)

  3. Wow! Im so excited for this. :)

  4. I'm excited for the upcoming giveaways and contests! ♥ God bless on your out-of-the-country trip Ms. Milna! :)

    suggestion: A Christmas makeup challenge :)) ♥

    Desire ♥

  5. good day !

    i would want to inform you
    about the giveaway that i have
    on my blog .
    it is my first giveaway .

    i would want you to join .
    it is open for all of my
    readers from the Philippines .

    thank you !