Sunday, December 2, 2012

a bit of update

Hello ladies, Sorry for being MIA, again! If you follow me on twitter, Facebook or instagram, you may know that I'm not in Philippines. I'm in City of Sand (Kuwait). Been visiting my mom and to fix some papers for my son. I've been planning to take my son with me. 

Anyway, you may know (if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter) that starting January 1, 2013, I will be doing my own version of Commenter of the Month and I will call it as Milnamania of the Month or "MOM". Basically it is just a monthly giveaway/contest for one active member who comments and always read my blog. I will be giving away something every first (1st) of the month.

I will be having a contest/giveaway with my co-blogger friend. It is not done yet so I cannot tell you about it yet. But the moment I can tell, I will.

Here's the list of what's coming soon on Milnamania.
- Travalo excel review
-Inglot freedom system palette
- 2012 amazing finds. (2012 favorites)
- BBU meet&greet/xmas giveaway
- Contest/Giveaway with my co-blogger/friend

Do you have something to look forward this coming months? Do you have something you want to see on my blog, or any request on review or make-up tutorial? please do comment below!


  1. milnamania. how chic! looking forward to your blog posts :)))
    I would love to see make-up tutorials. whatever you do best :))

  2. hi sis milna! this is great! so many things to look forwart to on your blog for the coming months! i cant wait!

    i hope to do a colab too on my blog.. i am still on the lookout for one blogger though...

    sis, mag post ka about make up tutorials (eyeshaow)