Saturday, December 15, 2012

BBU Meet-Up/Christmas gift giving

Yesterday, Dec. 14, 2012 was the day I've been waiting for since we planned this meet-up./get together and it ended up being Christmas party due to bright mind of my beloved new found friend from Eyah of Eyahnism. I just love to meet and have some chitchats with my co-bloggers and it happened!!

If you've been reading my blog, you knew that meeting and having some great talks about make-up and something related to beauty blogging is one of my wishes and that wish came true finally!!!

Here's some pictures.

(L-R) Yours truly, Mel Lee, Jannia, Eyah, Lea

Lea from Ginger Lady. Very jolly and very nice.

Eyah from Eyahnism. Love this girl so much!!! We think the same way :) 

Ofcourse, the reason why we had that amazing time because of Jannie from Jannieology. Such a very very nice person.

Anabelle from miss-april. Such a very nice person. 

Mel Lee from The Duchesses.

Didn't get the chance to take picture of Ana from Analysis of my Life. But she is very very nice. I love them all. Had so much fun spending some time with you girls.

Here's some funny story :P, Eyah didn't have her gift for the exchange gift, so she went ahead and bought something but to my kakulitan I went with her, I want to look some stuff also. I helped her picked the gift for whoever it is. And when the time came for our exchange gift she got my name. :)) And she was like "tinulungan mo pa ako pumili, ikaw din pala mabubunot ko" haha. That was fun.

Anyway, This is the first time I met some girls that I can talk anything about makeup and won't be asking me "what's that?" So I had a great time. Though it was not that long but it was great.

This is the first but it won't be the last. Till next time girls :) just text me



  1. Ohh i'm jealous :/
    Anyways, looks like you really had fun. ^_^

  2. It was so true dun sa " I can talk anything about makeup and won't be asking me "what's that?" :D

    I did enjoy talaga :))))) Pa grab ng pic :))

  3. nice to have blogger friends. :) advanced merry christmas! :)

  4. ang saya naman nag EB na kayo lahat!

    Im sure you had a blast!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  5. Beautiful beauty bloggers!! :) Merry christmas to all you ladies!


  6. Will be grabbing these photos again. I showed this post to my mum tapos sabi niya "Halos lahat ng friends mo mga chubby girls rin pero pretty girls!"... Wahahaha :)

  7. pretty bloggers! How I wish I can meet some beauty bloggers too! So far I have one in the list, and that's Noe of COLORismyweapon. She's from Cebu rin kase kaya ganun :) But anyways, I see you really had fun there! The exchanging gifts is the funniest part I guess. What a coincidence! :)) God bless Ms. Milna ♥

    1. Yup what a coincidence :D had fun. Godbless