Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[SPONSORED] Belle&Cat Nail and Wax Studio

Since I was still in High School, I've been in Nail salon or Parlor always, like every 2 weeks. And since that time I've never had my favorite nail salon that I keep coming back. I always explore. I don't just settle into one place. But lately I experienced the nail salon that I've been looking for. Great service, Approachable staffs, Clean surrounding, and a very very nice salon. It's the Belle&Cat Nail and Wax Studio.

Belle and Cat Nail and Wax Studio, is one of the best nail salon I've ever been to. The service was amazing, the staff was very very nice.

They have amazing nail polishes like Orly and many much more.

They do nail arts :)) I love nail arts

They also sells some cute accessories, skin care and hygiene products.

They're business cards you can call them to set an appointment.

Overall I really love this nail salon, if this salon happened to be near where I live I probably be here every week. I love the cleanliness of the Studio and the services.

Would like to try Belle and Cat Nail and Was Studio? Comment below :)

till next time,

*disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but all opiniones are mine.*


  1. Glad to see it's in Makati, now I can pop by often! I'll go this week, for sure.

    ~ http://dolcellita.blogspot.com/

  2. those nail polishes look so pretty, lovely post!:)


  3. I love how stores like this make their shop more cute and enticing and appealing to customers. It's a relaxation getaway altogether! :)

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  4. Cute! I woud love to try those nail arts! :))

  5. those nail arts are so lovely!

    i am jealous.. wala kasing branch i think here in cebu yet


  6. How I wish they would have a branch here in Cebu! The salon looks so nice and dainty! My nails would really love some color-poppin' with amazing nail polishes and nail art :)) Haven't tried nail art pa kasi. Hope to find a dupe of this salon here in Cebu, maybe! God bless, Ms. Milna ♥

  7. I love too.. Bet ko yung design no. 7 and 10.. We do have a salon back then kasi hindi na manage ng maayos sayang. :)