Sunday, February 17, 2013

Supernova Photoshoot - Makeup Gig

Last Feb. 10, 2013. I was with my beloved co-blogger Eyah of Eyahnism and we did have some fun.

This is my first makeup gig EVER and I had so much fun doing it.

Here's some photos:

My beloved train case. Will do an in depth  review soon..

Here's my beautiful model. Camille Litiatco

Here's some bonding moment with Eyah while waiting..

Do you want a tutorial of this look? Comment below!


  1. As always.. I'm envious with your makeup collection (including the traincase)! ♥

    You did a good job during your first gig. The foundation coverage is good; just a little polishing with the brows and blending with the eyeshadows. Youtube can help you with that :)

  2. BTW! I forgot to say in my previous comment that I want to see you having a tutorial about this. Pretty please? ♥

  3. Where did you get your traincase? omg! I love it!

  4. Hope you enjoyed Mommy Milna! Hope to see you again soon!! :) we miss you

  5. ang kulet ng last picture! till next time sis!!

  6. Tutorial please.. Nag-iba kna pla ng adress now ko lang nalaman. HiHI

    God Bless!


  7. OMG! i love your red traincase! :D

  8. HAHA, nice day. Beautiful make up.
    By the way, i am also a blogger .Would you please join my site on blogspot? I will follow you as well.
    Thank you.

  9. Lovely makeup looks :) I actually love train cases ! I am no big make up artist or anything, but I find them so convinvent for caring my make up. Drop by my blog if you have time !

    Cherry ~~