Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho! Pre Holiday Giveaway

Hello ladies, Today will be one of those amazing day that I already told you about. As you may all know if you read my previous posts that I will be doing some collaboration giveaway with my other blogger friends. 

Holiday is coming and because we want to thank all of you for supporting us and being there with us. This giveaway is for YOU.

Here's the amazing prizes

The Mechanics:
This giveaway will run for 3 weeks starting today!
Open to all Philippines based residents ONLY.
Please follow all the mandatory entry in RAFFLECOPTER.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[SPONSORED] Review | Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Blush and Highlighter

Good day ladies, How's your week so far?
Mine is doing great. I will be leaving for Kuwait tomorrow and I might not get to update this for quite sometime coz I will in airplane for 12 hours.

Since I will be going out-of-the-country I might update this first before leaving. 

Today I decided to review this Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Blush and Highlight. Same as my last review about Rimmel Colour Rush Quad Eyeshadow you can read herebeautyshop4less also sent me this product together with my Rimmel Colour Rush Quad Eyeshadow.

Before Noemi sent me this product I have read good things about this blush. Ingrid or Missglamorazzi and Casey of Itsbl0ndie from youtube have tried and loved this product. So I am so excited when I saw this on the package together with other good stuffs :)

Anyway, enough rambling and let's get started, shall we?

Let's swatch it!!!

✔ For Php210.00, why not? It's worth it!
✔ The pigmentation is AAAAHHH-mazing
✔ Very compact and easy to bring everywhere.
✔ This shade in particular is great for my skin tone
✔ Lasting power is also good

✔ The packaging
✔ no mirror
✔ Not available locally but you can but it from beautyshop4less

Overall, I think this product should be one of your staple product on your makeup collection.

Price: Php 210.00
Where to buy: beautyshop4less

What's your favorite blush? Comment below!!!

*disclaimer: this is a sponsored review. But I gave my honest thoughts and opinions on this review.*

till next time,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

SM Department Store Haul part 2

Goody day lovelies. Today I will be doing another SM Department Store Haul, I already posted the part I read here and now I will be posting the part II.

Revlon Colorsatay Whipped!! so excited to try this one. (Php (975.00)

Elf eyebrow kit (Php 249.75)

ELF Flat Top Powder Brush

Talk to you soon ladies :)

till next time,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Looking Forward :)

Coming months would be a blast!
I am really excited!

First stop: Ofcourse as you may know me and Dainty are having a collaboration Blog Hop, Please do join us on our blog hop. We will be doing Filipina Blogger blog hop every month to meet and have friends from this blogosphere.


Second: I will be having a collaboration giveaway with my blogger friends, watch out for that. Who wouldn't want giveaways? We all love giveaways!!!

I will be going out of the Country this November, well I already blogged about me going back to Kuwait, and I am really really excited to be with my mom, AGAIN!

And last but definitely not the least I will be having my own giveaway before or after Christmas. I just couldn't decide what contest what will I do, but I am sure it will be a contest not just a giveaway.

Watch out lovelies. Coming months would be amazing.

Question: Any suggestion what kind of contest should I do? Please do comment your ideas!

till next time,

Makeup Makeover 101

Hello lovelies. I am really excited to do this makeup makeover 101. My first model is my friends Jamie. She got this idea when she was staying overnight at my place. 

Jamie is naturally beautiful, but she has some issues going on, she has dark spots due to acne and some active ones at the moment. Under eye circle is also one of her major problem

List of Products:
Revlon Photoready airbrush
MAC concealer
Revlon Colorstay Powder
Urban Decay Baked Bronzer
MakeUp Forever Agua Liquid Liner
Benefit Brow duo
MAC e/s Brule
MAC e/s Vanilla
MAC e/s Satin Taupe
MAC e/s Espresso

The one on her lips was hers. I don't know what she used.

Have a lovely evening ladies.

till next time,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

[SPONSORED] Review | Rimmel Colour Rush Quad Eyeshadow

Hello ladies how was your weekday so far?
 I received this amazing goodies from beautyshop4less .

beautyshop4less is a makeup shop in multiply that you can buy authentic cosmetics.
They have everything from face makeup to beauty tools. beautyshop4less also has amazing shoes to choose from.

Today I am reviewing the Rimmel Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadows in the color 016 Urban Flower

Rimmel Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadow

Let's swatch!

✔ Love 
Price!!! 210pesos
✔ Pigmentation and lasting power.
✔ Compact and very handy
✔ Very smooth and easy to blend
✔ Doesn't have chunky glitters on it even the shimmery ones.

✕ Hate
✕ Not available locally
✕ Cheap packaging
✕ no mirror

overall I love this product and since I got this I am using this as my everyday eyeshadows. Even though it doesn't have a mirror it is definitely worth the price for 210 pesos.

Want to get your hands in to this product? Go to beautyshop4less

*disclaimer: this is a sponsored review, but everything written on this post are my own honest thoughts and opinions*

talk to you soon,

Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Post | Clarisse Litiatco

Hello lovelies, Its friday again. Today I don't have any featured blogger but I have a Guest Blogger. Clai Litiatco from Quiet Blog. She is very very talented in terms of nail art tutorial. I love the tutorial she's doing on her blog. When we spoke she said she wants to do some nail art tutorial.

A little information about Ms. Clai

About the Blogger:
My name is Clarisse Litiatco, often called as Clai. I am a 17-year old painting student from University of Santo Tomas. I started blogging since 2009, but for some reasons, I deactivated my blogs and focused on my studies and work. Yes, I was a working student last 2010 and 2011.

Obviously, I love art! Since I was a kid, I really loved drawing and painting. And since I am the "bunso" in the family, I grew up using kikay toys like toy make ups which you can really apply to your face. I sometimes go over my sister kikay kit and use all her make up there! But as of now, I am not really into make up and beauty. I am more on my artistic side. I do nail art and random paintings.

First I want to talk about my nail art passion. I started to love nail polish when I was in grade 6. I don't know why, but whenever I get bored, I always paint my nails. Then I discovered my talent in nail art during high school days. I have this attitude of growing my nails during summer breaks for no reason and then again, I got bored and painted my nail, but this time, with a bit of design and up until now, I am doing and proud to say, improving. To be honest, I don't really have these fancy nail art tools like the nail art brushes and the dotting tools nor I use expensive nail polishes. The most expensive I have is the Etude House nail polish which costs P98.00

Second is being a painter, I never thought of being in the painting industry when I was young. It was all accidental. I ran out of slot in my chosen course and the only thing left is the painting course. Because I really want to be at UST, I took the guts and tried painting course. Fortunately, I liked it and I had fun. I am currently a member of Philippine Art Organization and I am proud to say that some of my works are being part of public exhibitions around Manila.

About the Blog:
My blog is all about beauty and art. I sometimes do product reviews but most of the time, nail art posts. I also share my artworks on my blog like paintings and photoshoots we did at school and currently doing. I do nail art tutorials and planning to host my very first giveaway soon.

Reasons to Blog:

I blog because I want to share my talent and passion to everyone. I want to help and give information. I want to share my thought and experiences. Please tell me more on what I need to give you, thanks!

Thank you so much Ms. Clai

Now onto the nail art tutorial! Enjoy lovelies :)

Hello ladies! I am Clai from Quiet Blog! (http://clarisselitiatco.blogspot.com) and like what my followers know, I won at a nail art contest of Caronia Philippines on Facebook. The theme is supposed to be a chocolate inspired nail art. Surprisingly, 2 of my nail art design was chosen!

You might think that my tutorial is very complicated, but to tell you the truth, it's just a piece of cupCAKE! =)

After posting the one of the designs I made (Chocolate Cupcake / Ice Cream), I've had so many request in and outside my blog to make a step-by-step tutorial. As promised here it is! Unfortunately, I can only give you guys a graphic step-by-step tutorial because I just cut my nails to it's shortest because I am having a hard time doing school stuffs! But I personally think the graphic tutorial is a lot better to understand. :)

The materials:
- Striping Brush (you can use striping tape if you want)
- Dotting Tool or toothpick
- Base Coat
- Light & Dark Brown Polish
- Pastel Colored Polish of your choice
- White Polish
- Red Polish
- Green Polish (optional)

1st part: THE CONE:
Step 1: First of all put your favorite base coat! I used Caronia base coat & nail hardener here! Paint HALF of your nails light brown (in my case I used dark brown 'coz I do not have light.)
Step 2: Make the lines! Using a striping brush and your dark polish (I used black) carefully draw diagonal lines going from left to right. If you have a striping tape, you can use for more precise lines.
Step 3: Just repeat step 2, but on opposite direction.

2nd part: ICING / ICE CREAM
Step 1: Using your dotting tool and your pastel colored polish, create random dots on top of your cone. (The naked nail part)
Step 2&3: Continue doing so until you reach / achieve your desired shape. I added bits of icing below them for a dropping effect!

3rd part: THE CREAM:
Step 1, 2 & 3: Same as with doing the 2nd part of the tutorial, but this time, use your white polish and do dots on top of your icing / ice dream.

4th part: THE CHERRY (and some spices!)
Step 1: Using your dotting tool and your red polish, simply put a red dot on top of the CREAM.
* I added brown dots on the icing for that chocolate topping effect!

Steps 2-4 are optional.
If you want more details on your cherry, simply get your green, white and brown polish ready.
BROWN POLISH: For the stem, use a striping brush!
WHITE POLISH: For that glossy cherry effect! Use your striping brush or small dotting tool here!
GREEN POLISH: For that leaf, use dotting tool to create those.

I hope that my tutorial helped you. If you wish to re-create my tutorial, please send me the link! Simply comment them here (http://clarisselitiatco.blogspot.com/2012/10/want-some-chocolate-cupcake.html) I'd be glad to see my tutorial on others nails! :)

I do post nail art designs, as well as artworks done by me (of course!) and some product reviews.

I also want to thank Ms. Milna Tulao for giving me the opportunity to have a guest post on her blog. More powers! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Day Challenge | Day 26 & 27

OMG!!! I'm so sorry for being MIA. I was really really busy for my big announcement and surprise for you girls :) I cannot tell you yet but the moment I can, I will. I promise!

Anyway today I will continue where I left. I have a lot of back logs and I am so so sorry.

Day 26
What's something your really excited for?

Well, the first thing I am really excited for is the secret that I cannot tell you guys :(. The next thing is the blog hop that I am doing with my friend Dainty MD. And the last thing is my BIG BIG surprise for you girls for Christmas. Watch out for that.

In terms of personal life. Well I am excited that I will be going to kuwait and I will have some quality time with my mom, AGAIN. But the thing is I will be fixing my son's papers for him to come with me to Kuwait next year.

Day 27
What do you feel guilty for doing?

Well, I won't lie to you girls. SMOKING. Yup you read it right. I cannot control myself and I cannot stop smoking. That's why thanks to ninang Joan and she introduce me to Ecig.