Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Skin Care Products

I have been looking for good skin care products that will work on my skin. Since I get into makeup I have been breaking out like crazy. I have been trying a lot of products to stop blemishes to come. I have tried from cheap to high-end.

Luckily for me I have found the one I have been looking for. This has been my routine for 3 months now and I'm very happy with my skin right now. Never had blemish for probably 3 months now. I mean I still get like 1 or 2 every that TIME of the month, but other than that I don't get a lot of acne.

A little tip that I also learned is don't put make-up everyday. Let your skin breath from the chemicals that make-up has. I only put make-up occasionally and if I feel putting make-up I don't always put foundation. If you read my other posts you might know that I only put concealer and powder as my foundation.

Without further ado let's start.

1. Olay Total Effect 7-in-1 anti ageing foaming cleanser - I use this cleanser morning and night I love how it feels in the skin, after I wash my face using this my skin feels soft and clean and very very smooth.

2. Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel - I use this during morning after I wash my face I don't use toner because I feel that It makes my skin rough. This moisturizer is very very light and good for morning use before applying makeup.

3. Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream - I already featured this on my previous post. If you want to know something about this eye cream you might want to read my other post. But all in all this eye cream is good though the price is not good but the product is fantastic.

4. Dove Foaming Make-up Remover - This has been in my skin care routine for the last 7 months now and this is my second bottle now. Great for removing makeup just 1 pump the all your makeup will be remove.

5. Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 anti ageing cream - I use this during night after I remove my makeup and after I cleanse my face. I still use the Olay foaming cleanser after I remove my makeup with my Dove makeup remover.

6. Avon TruePorefection spot clearing treatment - I like this whenever I get a blemish during that TIME of the month after moisturizing at night I apply this right on the pimple and when I wake up in the morning the pimple is already dry.

How do you take care of your skin? What are the products you trust and you use everyday? Comment below for any recommendations! 

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  7. I saw that dove foaming make up remover in the dept store, I am definitely purchasing it now... :)Ooohhh I also use the olay total effects sis, before I put on make up, its really good, I dont need to use primer that often this moisturizer itself is enough... :)

  8. Dove foaming makeup remover is good sis, its really great removing your makeup. thanks for visiting again sis

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  14. nice post sis!i am really hooking na ma try ang OLAY products. I haven't used any of their products yet aside from the soap... i hope it works well like those anti aging products nila

    1. Yes sis, OLAY does wonder on my skin. I love it. Currently on my second bottles now. I just don't like the moisturizer that much. Its a bit greasy :)

  15. I was looking for great makeup remover. Good thing I found this post! Ngayon ko pa nalaman na may makeup remover pala ang Dove! Is it available in Watsons? I wanna try it. I'm planning to buy Skin Food Milk Makeup Remover but it's only available online :/ I wanna try Avon TruePorefection spot clearing treatment. Is it available in Avon brochures?