Saturday, October 13, 2012

30 Day Challenge | Day 13

Day 13 Challenge : Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever broken a heart?

Oh well, have I ever had my heart broken? 
Yup, a lot of times! When I was in High School I got my heart broken for the first time, 
well not really. At that time of course you were young and your inlove 
and you think that that person is the ONE, 
so when we broke up I thought my world would crash 
but looking back now it makes me smile remembering those times :)

When I was in College, I had my heart broken 2 times! 
And just last year, September 2011 I had my heart broken BIG TIME, BIG TIME!
I will not get into much more details because it is kinda personal. But it was horrible it made me cry for like one whole month I am just crying the whole month. 

But thankfully I have my Bestfriend, and my Hubbhie that has been in my back the whole time. And then some miracle came that I will be having a baby. There will always a Rainbow after the Rain

Have I ever broken a heart?
I don't know. Probably once? or twice? I'm not quite sure :) 

How about you girls? have you ever had your heart broken? I'm you do, leave a comment below!

till next time,


  1. Cute story !:)

  2. I do appreciate your writing in this topic.

    Bad esn

    1. Thank you for taking your time exploring my blog :)
      hope you can visit more often

  3. This is such a good post to read, it brought back memories of the past :)) I've also tried treating someone as if he's the one.. And now we broke up.. So now I'm just patiently waiting for the right one from God. You're lucky you married your bestfriend! Like Judy and Benjie from itsjudytime ♥