Friday, October 26, 2012

Featured Blogger | Harmony

Its friday, meaning its Featured Blogger day!!!  I always get excited whenever friday is coming!!!

Our featured blogger for today is Ms. Harmony from Harmony's guide to life, She's a newbie just like me, and she wants to have more blogger friends and readers.

Read some information about her:

About the blogger: I'm Harmony. Just turned 16 last month. I'm currently studying at The Manila Times College as an AB Journalism student. if you wanna know "why Journalism?" well, we get asked about that a lot by our professors. Most of the time I give valid and cliche reasons; but the truth is, sometimes, the choices you make are just based on gut feel. You do it simply because you feel like doing it, just because it feels right to do it. That's how I think most of the time. Yes, its good if you have plans; lay the cards on the table neatly before you pick one. However, we can never be 100% prepared for anything. In certain situations, you just have to believe that "you can sort things out when you get there." Those are the words I live by. Was that too dramatic? Well, I hope this gives you an idea what kind of person you're dealing with when you read my blog. Actually, you can narrow those sentences down into five words : I am reckless and disorganized.

About the blog: My blog title is "Harmony's Guide to Life". It's pretty much open to interpretations. Hah. I'm not a life coach or what. The title is sort of ironic because in my blog, I show people how I explore this world; that I'm just a little girl trying to figure out how to live.

Reasons to blog: Like what I said, I make choices mostly based on gut feel, I'm blogging just for the hell of it. I'm here for the clean fun of sharing your embarrassing thoughts to the world and reassuring a reader that yes, there is a weirder person out there and no, they are not the worst human being alive.

I think this girl is amazing we have the same belief and aspect in life. I don't believe on planning my life too. I just go with the flow. Same as her I started this blog because I feel like doing it. I love doing this and now I am very thankful that I did. I didn't plan this but right now that I'm actually in it I am loving my blog, my readers and my blogger friends. 

You should go check her blog. She is one amazing blogger.

Check her blog and spread the LOVE!!

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  1. COOL! This featured blog thing is a brilliant idea! I hope i will be featured soon! LOL

    1. Do you want to? Just go to be featured tab at the top and the instructions are there :) hope to feature you soon :)

  2. This one is cool! Great Idea Milna ^_^

    Btw, I'm a new follower :) Looking forward for your new post and hoping you'll check and follow my blog too. :)