Tuesday, October 23, 2012

30 Day Challenge | Day 22 & 23

Day22 - What's an inside joke you have with someone?

I have a lot of inside jokes especially with my Man and with my friends, but It s not appropriate here :).
"Our inside joke is not for typical person" *as my bestfriend says*, so I don't think I should put that.

Day 23 - 2 months ago, where wer you and what you were doing?
I think August 23 I was in Kuwait with my mom, I already put that on my July and August update.
I can't remember exactly what I was doing two months ago but all I know is I was in Kuwait having quality time with my mom and my step-dad. 

Thank you for reading lovelies :)

till next time,


  1. I admire your tenacity in doing a 30 Day Challenge, because I don't have the patience at all, haha. What a sweet family photo! :)


    1. thank you!
      7 days to go and I'm done :)