Monday, October 15, 2012

a little update :)

Well I think I haven't blog recently, well beside the 30 Day Challenge and the Be featured blogpost. I haven't done like sit and type whatever it is that I'd like to share.

Right now I would like to share something :)

Last Sunday and Monday my son's nanny got her day-off so I was like full time hands-on mom for 2 days. And we had an amazing time ever!! 
Maybe because the last few months when our nanny go out for her day-off 
my son will just sleep and when he woke up he just need some milk and will go back to sleep again.

It was an amazing 2 days. We spent time together all 3 of us and we laugh, we play, we spent some quality time and we sleep altogether.

excuse the background its kinda messy :)

And when our nanny came home, my hubbhie was like "go rest first, me and my son will have some bonding moment" I was like :-O cuz he barely had some quality time with our son.

So yeah! I just love it!

till next time,

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  1. Hi sis! You have such a very fun and bonded family it is really nice that you get to spend time with them. I am really jealous since I dont get to spend much because of my 8-5 job. i miss my baby sometimes when im at work