Wednesday, October 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge | Day 9 & 10

Day 9: Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the next 365 days

(Blog related)
Well I hope that I can have more followers, readers and friends from blogosphere for the next 365 days. Dreams and Plans probably to meet and be friends with other bloggers here in philippines. I really want to hang out with them just like chitchatting and having fun :). Im planning to attend more events related to blogging :)

(Family and Personal)
Well I hope that we can go to kuwait as a family me, my fiancee and our son. We want to visit my mom this next month :). Get married for the next 365 day (hope soooo). Plan my son's first birthday he's only 7 months but we are planning already his first birthday. Dreams to migrate anywhere probably Australia or Canada :)

Day 10: A dream for the future
As I mention at the top I want to have friends here on bloggers world, want to migrate either in Australia or Canada. Give my son the life I wanted him to have. Give my mom the house she wanted and dreamed about. Give my fiancee the family he was dreaming about since he was a child :) for me I don't need anything. As long as I have my mom, my son and my fiancee I am complete :)

and ohh my blog :)

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till next time,


  1. Wishes and Hopes do come true... As they say BECOME what you BELIEVE!!! Nice meeting you in the blogosphere Sistar!!! :)


  2. "I dont need anything. As long as I have my mom, my son and my fiance, I am complete." This line of yours make me proud of you. AS your reader, I appreciate everything you do in blogging, though I know it's not easy to find time for that especially if you already have a family. Dreams do come true as long as you believe, if you'll work hard to achieve it and if you pray :) God bless in your endeavor, Ms Milna! Hope we can meet before you migrate :))

  3. sis.. i really appreciate it that you want to have gain more followers n your blog. thank you din for inspiring me to pursue with my beauty blog. i am hooked and i learned a lot from beauty blogging as i gain more and more friend also..