Friday, October 19, 2012

Featured Blogger | Color My World

Its friday, meaning its Featured Blogger day!

Today's featured blogger is Ms. Anne from Color My World. An amazing person who loves makeup we all do. She blogs about beauty products reviews, she also do some makeup tutorial and some FOTD(face of the day) 

Here's some information about her:

About the Blogger:
I'm Krisanne, 23 year-old lass from Taguig City, Philippines. My Family calls me "Isao" but I prefer to be called "Anne". It sound nicer and ladylike. XD anyhoo, I'm a customer service representative by profession and I just recently joined this blogosphere thingy officially last April 2012. My love for beauty and cosmetics started when I was in College. My College "barkada's" afternoon habit is to apply make up on ourselves under the mango tree at the back of our school. That was our comfort zon, our so-called little haven. I got hooked in watching Youtube Makeup Gurus both local and international who inspired me to create my blog.

About the Blog:
My blog is all about beauty stuff. I do posts on product reviews and features, mini makeup tutorials , makeup looks (FOTD), and the like.

Reasons to Blog:
At frist, I just write posts for my own interest and just to kill my boredom. It's like an online diary for me. I did not expect that I'd be having some online blogger friends, readers and followers. It's flattering to know that some really appreciated my work. It's also nice to know that I can exchange thoughts, ideas, opinions and views with other girls. Being in the blogging world feels like you have a support system which shares the same passion and interest.

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