Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blog for a cause

Philippines is very known as one of the poorest country in the world. We are also known having a lot of poor peoples in street or everywhere. But we are also known being helpful, we have such a soft heart that we are willing to help our own people.

I saw this blog Draco Princess: Blog for a cause and I was very inspired to write a blog about them. Street children are everywhere, you can see them everywhere you go in Philippines, I tend not to give money to them I give foods to them because food can actually help them to have something to eat but with money I don't even know how they will spend that money.

If you think about it, you have home and family, you have your laptop, your cell phone, you even have aircon and plasma TV on your home, why not give even just a little amount it will be a big help for those children. Little amount of money for us can be huge amount of money for them.

Akay kalinga is a non-government association that provide comfort and shelter to our street children. The street children in the center can come and go as they wish. They can also stay as long as they want and they can go whenever they wish to go.

You can also help our street children by posting a blog please do visit Draco Princess' blog for more information.

Please like Akay Kalinga Facebook page and please follow Akay Kalinga Twitter.

You can contact or visit Akay Kalinga Centre
   Email :
   Telephone : (062) 990-1854
   Address : 76 Valera street, Zone 1, Zamboanga City, Philippines


  1. this is a nice blog post i am so inspired to try this one out for my blog as well.
    Cebu is also not an exception to that although we have huge businesses here. As from where i came from there are a lot of people to help out here. more power to those who are behind this cause