Friday, September 7, 2012

Youtube Beauty Gurus

I started watching youtube beauty community for 1 year now. Pixiwoo sisters has been the first beauty gurus I've watched, They really influenced me when it comes to make-up and how to apply those to my face, they had a variety of videos from natural, everyday make-up to smokey make-up to really crazy looking make-up, I've been followers of them, I watched every single videos the uploaded, until I came across to Elle or allthatglitters21's channel, I've been obsessed with Elle and also her vlog channel I always watch her Glitterature: Book reviews, I loved every book she recommended. And then Blair, I also like her but not so much I just watched her whenever Elle didn't upload new videos. An then so on and so forth. I love Say Tioco she's Filipina youtuber, Nikkiphilippi is amazing too.

Up until now I still watch these girls, i still love them, and I still subscribed to them.

`do you have any youtube beauty guru favorite? tell me in comment section below.



  1. ana victorino! she's young and really good :)

  2. I love Judy of ItsJudyTime, Say Artillero as well :) you should watch KandeeJohnson and The GossMakeupArtist too :)