Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Etude House Face Designing Brightener

Today I'm reviewing this Etude House highlighter, I've tried a lot of face highlighter but this one is amazing. Probably my most highlighting product of all time! 

For a little bit of information I have oily-combination skin so I tend not to use much highlighting products. I don't like to look like I have a lot of oil in my face. But this one, you won't look like you have oil in your skin it looks like radiant, healthy-looking skin. 

Its cream color with a little bit of pink in it, it has shimmer also but not too chunky. Its a great product to add as a last step in you make-up routine for a litte bit of radiant. 

I like to put this on my cheek-bone with my Sigma F40 Large-Angled Contour brush, and on my brow bone with my  SK03JENNY Professional brush ( I bought mine at landmark).  To add a little glow in my skin and my eyes.

Don't put too much because it might look like disco ball, so be careful putting it on.

I bought mine at SM department store.

What's you favorite highlighting brand and product?



  1. hi... nice review.. I'm looking for a good highlighter also, might try this one.

    new follower here! :)


    1. thanks for following..

      try this highlighter, this is pretty good comparing to the expensive ones.

      hope you can visit more often I will visit your blog and follow you

      thank you again

  2. Sis, you still remember how much this was? I have been looking for a mid-range cream highlighter for the longest time.

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    1. naku sis can't remember the price. And this is powder not cream I forgot to mention.

      sorry can't text you for this past few days been busy.

      thanx for visiting sis

  3. this is a good highlighter as i can see. i hope i can try one but i guess il just try using the one from dollface cosmetics. it includes bronzer as well