Sunday, September 9, 2012

MilnaReads | Delirium Book Review

I've read a lot of series and this has been my favorite of all, So I think I should make this as my first "milnareads" book review. I might put some spoilers in here so If you haven't read the book you might want to close this now.

I'm really into this kind of book lately, due to youtube recommendations I picked up this book from national bookstore.

This is a dystopian society themed book. Hunger games was the first one I've read about this kind of books. I really really like the hunger games but when I finished this book I loved this book more than the hunger games.

So as I've mentioned this book is about dystopian society. It is about the society brain washing the people that Love is actually a contagious disease that you have to be cured of.

The main character Lena was very very excited and looking forward to her surgery. She was really really brainwashed that this disease can either kill you or put you to this horrible prison that they call "crypts".

Ofcourse there is always some people who doesn't believe in this society, they believe that LOVE is not a disease and you have to let yourself fall in love. The society call them the "Invalids" they lives outside of the city and they have to run away for their lives because the city wants to kill them.

So the main character fell in love of course that is the main point here, you this is gonna happen. This boy is her teacher, he taught her how to love. They were very very happy together until they were caught by the police and the society government wants to adjust her surgery sooner.

So I was really really captivated by the book until the last page, the ending was really horrible. Something happened that is really really heartbreaking. I hate and love the ending at the same time, I hate it because.... well if you read the book you probably know whyI hate it but I also love it because she was finally out of that society. She managed to escape and go to the Wilds.

I read this book really really quickly because I already owned the second book which by the way I already finished it and the review of that will come soon..

what is your favorite books to read?

till next time, xoxo


Coming soon..
I read this when I was in plane going back to manila.

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  1. My friends recommend me books from Lauren Oliver too! The sad part is that it's a bit expensive for a struggling student like me. Good thing e-books are invented and now we can download softcopy of our favorites books for free! I suggest you read Tuesdays with morrie by Mitch Albom :)