Thursday, September 13, 2012

MilnaReads | Pandemonium Book Review

As promise I will be reviewing this second book of Delirium by Lauren Oliver. If you read my Delirium review then you probably know what this book is all about. If you haven't read that then click here to read my review.

Onto Pandemonium. This book is amazing, I finished this book very very quickly because its really really good. 

The first few chapters is kinda sad because she's grieving for Alex, and she'still adjusting to the surrounding she's not used to Wilds so she's really having a hard time. Until she met this guy that really captivated her. She was trapped and kidnapped with this guy for days maybe weeks. There's only two of them so they tend to talk and hold-hands and sleep together, well not really sleeping side by side but you know what I mean.

She already know there is something special about this guy so she let herself fall in love. But she didn't go to this guy like a rebound, she fell in love with him because his him. His really charming and really nice. So I might also fell in love with him if I was Lena. 

And then of course they were caught and this guy will be killed because he was diseased. But of course her comes the love of his life trying to save him and yes they succeed this time around. Because I was really really heartbroken when alex died.

And in the last page, I was like O.O!!! what? really? OMG!!!! Alex is alive!!! but he was angry with Lena and I won't blame him. Ofcourse he escape for her them when he found her, she's with someone making a PROMISE!!! oh really? Now I don't know what will happen next!!! I'm really really excited for the next one. I can't wait!!

What is your favorite book?

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  2. hi sis you're into books din pala.
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  3. The story is indeed unpredictable. It's really hard to avoid falling in love with someone whom you're with every day, especially when you discover interesting facts about him. I can't blame Lena but I feel for sad for Alex! I love Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. It's a very inspiring story. :)