Tuesday, September 4, 2012

July and August updates

2 months of being Missing in Action..

First things first, for the month of July I've been busy planning and doing my gift for my fiancĂ© and at the same time planning my son's 5th months birthday we used to celebrate his  "birthday" every 29th of the month, so we celebrated our 4 years anniversary last July 30, 2012 and my son's 5th months.

and then after that..

I went to kuwait to visit and my mom and my dad and of course to enter my residence visa there. I know I can post while I'm there but I enjoyed my moments while I'm there, I stayed there for 14 days I just went back to Philippines last August 27, 2012 and as I said we do celebrate every 29th of the month so we celebrated again my son's 6th month

Kuwait international Airport- going back to Philippines.

my dad and me

Me, my dad and mom