Saturday, September 8, 2012

Diaper Bag Series | INTRO

Hello everyone, I will start this Diaper bags series.

I was exchanging text message with KikayMom and she was asking me if i have some ideas about motherhood I told her I don't have any ideas, after some minutes of thinking, the idea came to me. I wanted to put up "how to pack a diaper bags" about going to the mall, but then I thought how about those moms and dads that will go to some other places, or those moms that need to go vacation with their little ones? and then the idea came to me, why not do a diaper bags series.

So I texted KikayMom again and I asked her if she wants to put up this type of topics, and she said it was a nice idea, so I'm inviting you all to post this kind of series on your blog. How you pack your diaper bags?

There is no right and wrong when it comes to packing a diaper bags, Its a mother's instincts. You are the one who knows what's best for your little one's but I am known for packing excessively I was "in-case-of-emergency" kind of person. So this might be excessive for some of you.

I have a lot of diaper bags for my son depending on where we're going and how long the travel is gonna be like.

This is the list of the Diaper bags:

1. Everyday small diaper bag

2. 2-3 hours land travel

3. overnight stay

4. 1 week vacation land travel

5. carry-on diaper bags for airplane travel 8-12 hours flight

How about you Mom's out there, how you pack diaper bags for your little ones? leave a comment below!


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