Saturday, September 15, 2012

Diaper Bags Series | Small Size

Small Size diaper bags is good for everyday, like if you are just roaming around the mall or you will be going to the clinic for check-ups or for immunization.

This one is small so it wont fit a lot of things, but you should know the necessities that you need to bring.

I don't have a small diaper bag so what I did is I use my bag as my son's diaper bag. I know it is not an actual diaper bag but why spend some money if you have something to use? It tends to change once in a while, whatever bag I'm currently using is also the bag that I use as my son's diaper bag. So I don't have a particular photo to show you. Because I use a lot of bag for this part. But a little example is the Louis Vuitton Hampstead bag. You can check it right here.

Just for some information my son is 6 months now, but you dont have to worry if you have a younger infant or if you have older one you can still bring this things and a little adjustment can do. You can either put some more things or remove the things you think you don't need.

Let's start..

Necessities for Mom

> Wallet - ofcourse! If I will be going out with my son I don't bring my full wallet. I just bring my Coach wristlet and I put some cash and some cards and IDs.
> Cell phone - Another ofcourse! I always, always bring my iPhone with me wherever I go.
> Keys - I don't drive my fiance does, but the keys to our house is always with me.
> Lip balms - I use Maybelline baby lips
> Hand Sanitizer - I use GreenCross hand sanitizer and I absolutely love it.
> Extra shirt - you'll never know when your gonna need to change your outfit.
> Camera - Every moment is important. Never leave home without camera.

when I use this diaper bags I just bring my "REALLY" necessities. This things is my MOST necessities. I use to bring medium-size bags that can fit ALOT of things so I have to narrow down my necessities.

Necessities for Baby

> feeding Bottle - I used to bring one bottle for every 2 hours, so if we are staying out for 4 hours I will probably bring 2 baby bottles and 1 extra.

> Formula - you will bring 3 bottles then you have to bring enough formula for 3 bottles.

> food and utensil - we bring Cerelac

> Diaper - depending on how long your planning to stay out, I used to carry 1 diaper for each hour. It's always better to be prepared.

> Wipes - They're come in handy, this wipes is not also for cleaning baby bottoms but they're also great for cleaning dirty hands, face and nose.

> Johnson's Baby Powder - Philippines has a really hot weather.

> Extra Clothes - Accidents happen you never know when spit-up or the-like will happen, so a clean outfit is important.

> Burp Cloths - My son is now doing the spit-up of saliva now, he's starting to teeth.

> I also always bring thermometer, you'll never know when you little one is gonna have some fever.

As I've said this might be too much for some of you, but I am really "In-case-of-emergency" type of person. If you don't this much for your little one's diaper bag just narrow it down to what you think you will need.

Just remember you have to have what your little ones need in case of emergency.

happy weekend!

till next time,

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